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Daksh Gupta

Daksh Gupta

Director, Satyakiran Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

All great enterprises have humble beginning, also true in our case, having started a small medical diagnostic centre in 1988. Satyakiran Healthcare is a large medical diagnostic and education conglomerate having national and international presence.

Our diagnostic centres are present at multiple locations, presently in five states in the country, namely Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. Our radiology brands are Satyakiran Healthcare, Must & More Diagnostics and Health Republic, catering to all the segments of society at various locations.

Our Services include:

WebRad Tele Radiology is our innovative service where expert opinion on medical images is available to large number of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres on internet based platform. This service has made a significant impact, specially in the smaller towns.

Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Founder of Satyakiran Healthcare and
Must & More Diagnostics.


To establish ourselves as a respectable change maker in improving the quality of radiology services across India through our own and through associate facilities.


To enhance the client experience to the highest level through standard systems and procedures in technical service area as well as non technical service areas.
To create high value for our brand and for all stakeholders by replicating the standard model at multiple locations.


  • Ethical client and staff policies.
  • Friendly, healthy and pleasant work environment.
  • Progressive, innovative and social approach towards profession & people.

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